Our team

We create an experience that transforms your way of communicating and allows you to expand your business. None of this would be possible without the expertise of a passionate team!
Working together to offer you the best services is our priority.

Jean Marc Welsch

Setting projects in motion and developing new services are Jean Marc's second nature. He has been able to implement his double culture for business (French-Canadian) in order to lead his team towards excellence.

Gaël Vincent
Partner / Europe Supervisor

Always positive and searching for solutions, Gael will invest all of his energy in every project developed to enhance your business and resolve any emerging issues.

Aurèle Delage
Prestige MLS Manager

As a marketing enthusiast, Aurèle is in charge of managing several projects at IMMO SQUARE. His smoothness and listening skills make your customer experience unique.

Jérome Voyat
Partner / Business Development Manager

As a technology and real estate enthusiast from a long time, Jerôme will know how to guide you and answer to all of your professional needs. Efficiency and service are his keywords.

"The best advertising is done by satisfied customers". P. Kotler

Chine Welsch
Digital Project Manager

The digital universe hides no secret from Chine. She will be able to guide you towards a customized web marketing strategy. Creative, organized and attentive, Chine knows how to perceive every profile's singularities in order to make them stand out.

Partner / Platform Director

Hugo's numerous mastered skills make him the perfect ally for projects to be carried out successfully. To use his expertise in order to maximize customer satisfaction is Hugo's number one priority.

Quentin Degrange
Full Stack Developer

He transforms tons of cookies and tea into lines of code. Comfortable with app and platform development, Quentin is IMMO SQUARE's star developer. His role is to integrate new functionalities in order to offer you the most efficient tools.

CTO & Co-Founder

Civil engineer and passionate about IT challenges Jules is constantly searching for innovation in order to develop new concepts that will allow you to boost your communication strategy.

Guillermo De Jesus
Partner / Business Sales Executive

Guillermo is a joyful and sociable character!
Motivated by the will to offer you precise alternatives, he will be able to listen to you and offer you our services in a timely manner.

Arnaud Riou
Key Accounts Director

Cyril Donard
Graphic Designer

Translating concepts into images is Cyril's everyday life. He is convinced that the visual identity of each brand is embedded in its DNA. Thanks to his artistic sensibility, he will always offer you visuals that are both original and professional.